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Our Vision

TJKC is dedicated to women's empowerment and leadership development. The global community desperately needs women’s increased participation and leadership at all levels from the neighborhood association and the local government, to the corporate boardroom and national and international political arenas. Our educational and co-curricular programs offer women opportunities through which they can develop the skills, confidence and vision needed to empower themselves personally and socially. This empowerment starts with the ability to think critically, solve problems, appreciate difference, and communicate effectively. It results in self-actualization, assertiveness, and self-definition of what it means to be a woman, citizen, and leader in our increasingly global community.

We are committed to providing women with a genuinely different type of international, liberal arts education that cannot be found in other tertiary-level institutions in Japan. Our curriculum offers students opportunities to learn about their potentials as women from a multidisciplinary and global perspective.

Acquisition of communication and language skills is the key to living a productive and meaningful life. Our multilingual learning environment offers students many opportunities to hone their language skills in preparation for study abroad programs and overseas fieldtrips as well as future employment in the increasingly complex, competitive, and global workplace.

Our educational approach is aimed at developing the whole person. Student life events and programs are an integral part of the learning process. Student life activities create spaces of social and intellectual engagement. In such spaces, students exercise critical thinking to question conventional wisdom, develop new ideas, and appreciate difference. At TJKC, we strive to create a culture of participation and encourage our students to become active builders of our shared community.

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